September 27th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

XoXo, You Know You Love Me, Gossip Girl

Finally, Gossip Girl has arrived. I just watched Episode 2 this morning and so far I AM LOVING IT. Okay, so I'm a whore for the books, but seeing it live in action is even better. They deviate a lot from the books, but I'm a slave for anything Josh Schwartz does.

Looks like I'm going to be addicted. So I hope the ratings are great so I'll be looking forward to something new. Spoilers up ahead, so be warned. Collapse )

Two episodes in and I'm so enjoying myself. I sometimes find myself singing Glamorous for no reason. Oh these city kids make want to flock to New York again. These kids are so lucky!!!
emma; only girl in the world

Que Horror!

It's scary how I'm putting myself out there. Outside the comfort zone that I'm so used to. Outside the usual routine I follow. Outside the normal way I conduct myself. And yet, despite the unusual things I've been doing, somehow things feel natural.

It's scary how guilty I'm feeling. Despite the constant reassurances (by friends) that I'm not doing anything wrong, I somehow feel like I'm making a mistake. I feel like I'm hurting others in the process of making myself "happy."

It's scary how I don't seem to care that I am eventually going to be hurt by all of this. That I continue to go on this path knowing fully well that things are not going to go as I had conjured in my deluded little world.

driving in the rain has never been so enjoyable. choco cream snacks have never been so sweet. spanish has never been so useful.