September 26th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Take My Breath Away!

Almost a week late, and still I can't believe I actually met Elliott Yamin! For some reason, I'm at a loss for words. So I'll let the pictures and video do the talking. Besides, you want verbose? Pamy, Ina and Yam got that covered with their extensive entries. All I can say is, Elliott is still my favorite Idol. Hands down.

He's so got to come back! Collapse )

Stolen from outof_focus
Here with fellow Yaminoys, jamypye, 24fps, Ina, ME and outof_focus

Thanks Pamy, Ina, Yam and Cla! I had so much fun! Elliott's got to come back ASAP! Paid concert or not, I'm going to watch him in my I ♥ EY shirt! Love it! Head on over here for other pictures