September 19th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Sleep On Needles

Sleepovers NEVER turn out how they're supposed to be. My sleepovers with high school friends have progressed over the years. From actually, sleeping during the sleep over, to pushing bedtime to past midnight.

Yesterday though, I had my college friends/BC 121 final groupmates over at my house to work on our production. We planned on doing our backdrop and props and edit our OBB/vtrs. From the beginning, I knew we wouldn't accomplish all this, but at least some of it.

Have we done any 121?
More Camwhoring over here

Well, we got some things done -- but it was difficult to do with WiFi internet and all of us in front of laptops. Thank goodness we got SOME things done. Our OBB still sucks, and my VTRs still have not materialized. If only I could conjure up Caleb's editing skillz.

Obviously, the sleepover was highly entertaining thanks to Ruth and Sandy! You guys are the best! Thanks for camping out in my cramped room!

Right now, I'm still voice-less, sleep-less. you-less.
mirroring my metaphorical messages. sweeter. cooler.