September 13th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

After An Afternoon With You

In BC 103, our professor gave us tips on how to write a copy for a 30-second advertisement. As I was taking notes, I realized that her tips applied not only to writing, but in real life. In fact, the tips are so simple, yet sometimes we neglect to follow these 'easy' steps that guarantee good results.

I'm no advertiser, but if there's a product I'm supposed to be selling, it's definitely myself and my target audience is well him. It never hurt to try. Who knows, this product I might sell. Collapse )

"One shouldn't be too hard on oneself when the object of one's affection returns the favor with rather less enthusiasm than one might have hoped." -- Rodney Fraser, The Object of My Affection

I wish I met you first -- complete with awkward smiles and inside jokes and revulsion for refined sugars.