September 5th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Because It's Worth It

The Fall TV season is right around the corner and though I'm not one to download episodes right when they show in the US, I think I'm going to have to make an excuse for this show.

Gossip Girl is premiering Sept. 19 and I can barely wait. I've been reading the books since forever and I was really excited when they announced that Josh Schwartz would be in charge. And now, it's finally September and I can't contain myself. Collapse )

I'm totally torn between Nate and Dan because they're both equally hot in their own ways. I doubt they'll play up Nate's stoner attitude and Dan's a totally different person from the book but just seeing the actors they cast, I'm not even going to complain.

Now if only I didn't have class to distract me from the more important things (read: tv shows) in life.
emma; only girl in the world

He's NOT Kissing Her

In Marimar land, I realize that they must have a scene with water in every single episode. In episode 16, Innocencia (the made over relative hired by Angelika to break up Sergio and Marimar) conveniently falls out of the Santibanez yacht.

Of course, Sergio, clad in crisp white pants and a black v-neck sweater type, takes off his boat shoes, jumps in right after her to "save" his sexy secretary -- with all his clothes on. Right on time, Marimar and Angelika walk into the yacht and they see Sergio "kissing" Innocencia. He was obviously just giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Collapse )

Oh Marimar. When will you learn? Marimar is the most naive person in the world. I can't wait till she finally gains some wits. But her cute-ness is redeeming her with every stupid action she does. And really, if it weren't for Sergio's perennial half naked-ness, I'd quit this show. But really. He's too hard to resist.

And today, from the BC 103 exercise: Liver... Leave Her and from the t-shirt of my korean classmate: Pick Me. Pick Me. Yeah