July 18th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Another Place To Fall

Wednesdays function as my Saturdays due to wonderful weekend classes. Today, that wasn't the case. Thanks to Psych 101, I sat through 3 hours of make-up class, when really, we haven't missed a single meeting.

I have to say that I actually really enjoy this class. I don't feel pressured to think out of the box (BC 102), think like a reporter (BC 103), think like a director (BC 121), think like a lawyer (Comm 120), think of objectives (Comm Res 101), I just have to think about myself and how I think. Collapse )

ma'am we tried!

After lining up, I bring Anna to Econ, where I see celeni! Obviously, there's only ONE thing to do. Time to camwhore! Collapse )

Law of Proximity - Elements that are closer together will be perceived as a coherent object.
Or as Pacey Whitter, so eloquently put it: "When you like somebody, proximity is a good thing -- regardless of how they feel about you." This makes me wonder, was Kevin Williamson a Gestalt psychologist?