July 17th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Not So Secret Heart

I should really stay away from the computer. Today, I spent my free afternoon in the library and apparently, I can get A LOT of work done there. It's funny though because the CMC library is the NOISIEST library in the universe. Seriously. When it's quiet, people are still talking. When it's noisy, there's a party going on.

The librarians kept ringing the bell and there would be a temporary hush before the noise would start back up again. It's crazy, I tell you. Nevertheless, I got my share of the RRL done, so I'm really happy with myself.

Izzles + RRL = LOVE

Today, I also met up with Kim because she's finally back in town! We watched Transformers, and because I'm late and everyone has moved on to Harry Potter, I just have to say Collapse )

i'll try venturing into non-vague-ness... crummy schedule: check. no-talking: check. excessive collection of tissue: check. wilted sampaguita: check. talikod-genic: check. all adding up to a perfect 10.