July 16th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Looking Forward

And the trusty camera is ALIVE -- and just in time for my organization's anniversary week. Last year, our org's anniversary was plagued by a storm that had classes canceled for two days. This year, it was clear and sunny. Thank goodness.

After working on it for weeks and weeks and weeks (I should have just typed months), this week is going to be jampacked with activities to celebrate the org's 14 years -- and lovin' it. Today, we had the launch of the AVP, the exhibit, the pakain (food!), the website, and the newsletter. Whew. Collapse )

short cuts

And in other great news, we didn't have any BC 121 today! Sure, I stayed up till 5 am doing my storyboard (with crummy drawings, because Paola was asleep) and awful camera shots, but at least I didn't have to embarrass myself by talking about it in class. So thanks sir for this quasi free afternoon off. I get a little more shut eye.

So I realized this post made no sense whatsoever. I actually just wanted to post that I had a haircut, and that's done with. Let's go and study. Psych 101, here I come!