July 11th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Ain't No Other Christina

Foreign artists rarely come over to Manila for concerts. I think they get threatened by the supposed "terrorist activities" or the kidnappings, blah blah blah. That's why when anyone and I mean anyone comes over, I get really excited (attn: spicegirls!!!).

But last month, when I heard that Christina Aguilera was coming over for her Back to Basics tour, I just flipped! I knew I HAD TO GO. But see that had to go thing, is tricky, as tickets cost P7000 ($150 - a permanent account) for the VIP, I think and as "low as" P1500 ($32) for General Admission, let's just say money wasn't that easy to find. Collapse )

Photo taken by Jasper Lucena

I obviously had a blast. Understatement of the year actually. I hope she'd come back next time though. I think the crowd was a good indicator of how many fans she has over here. I saw so many people I knew. My sister spotted thequene outside and pupols_pet practically jumped on me in Bonifacio High Street. Apparently, Donna and Rissa were there too and so was Kate and Bea. And I don't know why I didn't text the HUGEST Christina fan (in my world), sassy_semplang if she would be there, because she would have been so much fun to watch with -- she was there, just in better seats.

But hey, for tickets I got for free, I'm sooooo not complaining. I can't wait 'til Christina comes out with a new album and tours for it. Hopefully, she'll come back here. But since she's pregnant, it could be a long time from now.
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Should I Be Scared? Flattered? Insulted?

So a few days ago, I check my Friendster. I'm always logged on, but I rarely get to check my page there already. I know I spend my life online, but these past few weeks, school has taken over my life, so when I do get online, I spend it mostly on LJ or on gossip.

Anyway, I see that someone has sent me a smile. How sweet. Then I read the message, and well, I was a little scared -- and they're not so sweet after all.
Date:Friday, 6 July, 2007 11:34 AM
Subject" ****** has sent you a smile
Message:****** wants to brighten your day with a smile.
A message from ******:
hey I was reading your profile and you seem kinda interesting I've been thinking about trying new things, exploring my wild side and i've been wanting to try a discreet fling. I'm an athlete and a model, and I come from a good school. As indecent as this proposal sounds, i'm a decent guy in general. I guess i just wanna put some excitement into my life. You interested? maybe you could leave your YM or your number so we could talk about it.:)
So I'm a little freaked, but hey, at the same time, a tiny bit flattered. Sure, it's an indecent, weird proposal, but I always manage to attract weirdos and psychos anyway -- and believe me, I'm not happy about it. I obviously don't give him my number, my YM or my time of day. I had planned on blogging about it, but again, school took over.

That is until I saw that thequene posted THE EXACT SAME MESSAGE on her LJ, because she too, has gotten the same damn message. So really, I felt relieved that I wasn't the only one he targeted, but at the same time, I feel less special in a weird way, because apparently, the stupid thing wasn't even personal to begin with.

But really, what is wrong with me. I so feel like Peyton from One Tree Hill now -- only I have no Lucas, no kick-ass record collection, no internship, but hey, I've got my Psycho-Dereks. I so don't want to be Peyton right now.
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Like I Died And Went To Heaven!


This is just the best news ever. I received a text message from the ever sweet Ana and I couldn't believe my eyes. I almost dropped my already battered phone. But then I went straight to the trusty internet (not that I don't trust you, Ana, I do. I just wanted verification. And true enough, I got it from MySpace

Sep 21 2007 8:00PM Trinoma - Philippines Manila
Sep 22 2007 8:00P Glorietta - Philippines Manila
Sep 23 2007 8:00P Alabang Town Center - Philippines Manila
Sep 26 2007 8:00P Ayala Mall - Philippines Cebu
Sep 28 2007 8:00P Market! Market! Mall - Philippines Manila
Am I the last one to find out??? jamypye! outof_focus! 24fps! Fangirls! Unite! We've got to DO SOMETHING!!!! Ana, I love you forever.