July 5th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

The Un-Google-able Man

In this "digital age" it's way too easy to stalk people.

There's Friendster, Multiply, heck, even Last.FM, which is a very good basis for the type of music they listen to (which I really think is oh so important). So why oh why, can't I find one particular person??? Not even a friendster or multiply blog?

This can't be, because I thrive on information. I'm Miss Twenty Questions too. Knowledge is power after all. Thanks to online soul sister celeni, I don't feel so alone, but still. I can't keep my mouth shut. It was total vocal diarrhea. I just keep asking. How obvious can I get???

and what's up with my horrible, bad, bad, evil habit of pairing you off with someone else. i'm such a masochist. TO DO: be less stalker-able, and MORE mysterious