July 1st, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Try to make a move, and I'm on him like 5-0

There are some girls I'm jealous of. In fact, there seems to be a lot of girls I'm jealous of, that they can eat up an entire list. Like say, Hilary Duff for getting so hot so fast. Then there's Jennifer Garner, who's got the most adorable family ever and a rocking body. And of course, there's Anne Hathaway, who I will just love forever for being herself.

But you know who isn't on that list? Joss Stone!!! Though I like her music, I was never jealous of her. Ever. Well, that's 'til I saw these pictures.

Photos taken from [Just Jared]
Princes William and Harry attend rehearsal with neo-soul singer Joss Stone prior to The Concert For Diana at Wembley Stadium on Saturday in London, UK. Concert for Diana, the musical celebration of the life of Princess Diana, can be seen in its entirety on VH1 Sunday.
What are you doing?!? The lucky girl gets to hug not just William, but MY HARRY TOO!!! Get off him, girl!!! She already got to share an umbrella with BOTH princes, but now she's giving them hugs left and right. Hey, I'm sure they appreciate you performing, but you don't need to rub up on them too. It's NOT THAT cold!

Okay, so now she's on the list. Joss Stone is on the list of girls I envy for ONE reason and one reason only. She got to share a little face time, complete with hugs and rubbing up on Prince Harry. Damn, girl! Get off him!!!

Happy Birthday thequene!!!
Hope you had a fabulous day
Here's to more crazy adventures
And lots of love ♥