March 31st, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

March: The Boss (Chris Richardson)

Fancy me
Thought I had my degree
In life and how love
Ought to be a run

I had a one step plan to prove it
Guide in my pocket for fools
Folly and fun
Love had to show me one thing

I'd defy
Anyone who claimed that i
Didn't control whatever moved in my soul

I could tempt
Touch delight
Just because you fell for me
Why should I feel uptight
Love had to show me one thing:

I was so right
So right
Thought I could turn emotion
On and off

I was so sure
So sure (I was so sure)
But love taught me
Who was who was who was the boss
(taught me who was who was the boss)

Who freaking knew I'd be super addicted to this song sung by my former loathed contestant Chris Richardson?! Just the sight of this guy would seriously annoy me. And then he sang this song and just freaking blew me away. I love how American Idol 6 has the recorded versions because though I love live performances, there's nothing like a studio performance. Ack. American Idol is so love.