March 29th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

American Idol 6: Top 10 Elimination

Again, last night pretty much spelled it out for America. The thing is, can America read or rather vote. I thought last night's performances were all pretty good bu there's always the uglier side of things and hopefully people vote according to talent.

Alas, I can't say that it was a fair elimination tonight. Collapse )

Chris Sligh - Eliminated March 28, 2007
Chris did not deserve to go this week. Again another case of the Stephanie. The god ones who falter for one week and then get the boot, while consistently mediocre performers (Haley, Sanjaya) stick around for weeks and weeks despite lackluster, nonesense song numbers. I loved Chris S.'s version of Wanna Be Loved and Endless Love. In fact, I find myself listening to She's Not There quite a lot too. Chris S. definitely did NOT deserve his early elimination, but neither did Stephanie.

And here's to mommy who finally got the first elimination right for this year of predictions. I'm happy that she hit it, but I'm not so glad that her prediction had to go so soon.