March 8th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

American Idol 6: Top 16 Females

Late update, I know. I really blame school for getting in the way of my American Idol fandom. I wasn't able to listen to any spoilers this morning or read anything either because of school, but when I got home just in time for the showing, it was a show to remember! It was so nice to listen to the recap because the girls were good tonight. I can't wait for the top 12.

My icon is exactly the opposite of how I feel about the girls. Yay Girls (at least most of the girls *cough*antonella*cough*)

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My Bottom Three
1. Antonella Barba
2. Haley Scarnato
3. Gina Glocksen

Will any of my bottom 3 go? I really really doubt it. I have to say that this was a a better night than the boys nights because even their worst was at least just in line with Sundance. The girls deserve it much more than the boys, but hey, boys are still cuter.

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DialIdol gives really scary predictions. I really hope it's not true because Stephanie and Phil cannot go yet. They need to need to need to make it to the Top 12. Please voters, make it work. Vote the right way. That means bye bye Sundance and Antonella.

EDIT: I made a mistake with the poll, the last two numbers have TWO HALEY's in it. She replaced One Sabrina. If it matters at all, because I don't think Sabrina should go anyway. So if you want to vote Sabrina, just use the FIRST HALEY for Sabrina. Sorry!