May 26th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

You Have Been Warned

Drivers of Manila, I am doing you all a favor, by warning you beforehand that I, Patricia Anne Lourdes (as I've written so many times today), have just been issued a non-professional driver's license. This may come as a shock to others -- even to myself -- but I actually passed the test. And I'm not just talking about the written one. I'm talking about the entire process. The actual learning how to drive, then the worrying about the requirements for application for the non-pro. Collapse )

The idealist in me, refused to get help from A1 (my driving school) at first. Why would I want to pay them money for something I could do on my own? Boy, was I wrong. For one thing, I had to get my TIN. I put it off, because I dont want to have to line up for that, and Tasha tells me I can get it online. So I do, then the damn printout tells me I need to claim my card in Novaliches.

So I actually go all the way there and find out that I don't need it for my license. I wanted to go to LTO (Land Transportation Office) yesterday morning, but we all know what went down (AI Finals). So obviously, yesterday was out. And since PB is arriving tomorrow, I knew I had to do it TODAY.

I wake up so damn early today (6am -- on my own, y'all), a miracle at that (or not, considering I slept at 5:30pm the day before), and I knew that today was the day. So I succumbed. I was so lazy this morning, I actually gave in. So I went to SM north to pay my dues and went along.

I spent 4 and a half hours in LTO today. Waiting, got my drug test. Waiting, got my medical exam. Waiting, got my picture taken. Waiting, waiting and more waiting, took the written test. I swear. I spent 80% of my time waiting. It was nice to have the Spring Waltz soundtrack on loop. Nothing like visualizing the episodes in my head amidst the sweaty, smelly bodies in the room.

Seriously, LTO San Juan, is the smallest, poorly ventilated, fire hazard of an office. What scares me, is that I'm going to have to return to an LTO office one day to renew my license. But for now, I'm afraid to say, the streets of Manila are no longer safe (like they ever were).

Then again, with my 10kph speed, I doubt I'll be much of a hassle on the road. Still, I promise to abide by the rules and those painted lines on the ground. What are they for again?