May 25th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

What Now?

What a sad life I lead.

This morning, my 5-month long relationship with American Idol is over. I've never had a boyfriend, but I guess this is as close to a relationship as I would get. In fact, I have to admit, that if AI was my boyfriend, it would have been a very unhealthy relationship.

It consisted of me, obsessing over it not just for the times I'd see it (Wednesday, Thursday on this side of the world), but the entire week. 24/7. Every waking minute was devoted to it. If i wasn't watching it, I was listening to the mp3s or reading recaps, or worse, talking about it with even more obsessed, Pamy. Collapse )

And now, its all over. After the 2 hour finale (that did NOT disappoint), my relationship with AI is over. And the thing is, I don't think next season could top this year's obsession. It's just taken over our lives completely, now that its done, there's this void.

Sure, Rockstar: Supernova is just around the corner, but can it really top this AI season? I think not.

Break-ups must really suck, because this one is hurting pretty bad.