May 19th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world


I finally went.

Ever since last year, I've been hearing things about the famed 168. Everyone kept saying how cheap things were and how everything was really a bargain. I've been to Greenhills and I thought things there were pretty cheap. I'm not exactly in love with shopping -- it actually depresses me at times, but I really wanted to check this place out.Collapse )

Speaking of endings, yesterday, when Elliott got voted off, I was also caught up in the ending of one of my most favorite KDramas ever: the Spring Waltz finale. I've watched one too many of these types of shows and based on what I've seen, they make their endings as simple and open-ended as possible.

Spring Waltz begs to differ. This drama gave me everything I wanted in and ending.Collapse )

You want to see the entire show move into a retirement home? Yes. Unfortunately, they won't give you that. Basically, this show's finale gives you EVERYTHING you could want in the span of an HOUR. Seriously. I didn't think I would see THAT much action in one episode. One things for sure, I'm NOT complaining.

Lastly, this just makes me laugh. And this made me drool.