May 17th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Top 3 Night

I cheat. For those who don't know yet, every week, I read spoilers and mail them to Pamy every single week. Why? Just because. Anyway, this week, as I logged on, my heart stopped. Apparently, the damn judges didn't like Elliott. OUR Elliott. Why? Because I guess they're prepping the stage for a Taylor-Katharine finale.

Yes, after teasing us by bringing Elliott this far, it's all going to nothing. Seriously. I just (big request I know) wanted him to make it to top 2. But according to everyone on americanidol, Elliott's going to go. Oh no. I want to remain positive, I really do. It's just reallly hard. I believe in Elliott's talent. I just hope American agrees with me.

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My Bottom Two
1. Katharine (1st song)
2. Taylor (2nd song)

This might be Elliott's last week and that just pisses me off. He's been so damn consistent. He's given really great performances week after week. Sure, maybe others weren't wowed by him this week, but I guess I'm such a fan already, that it doesn't really matter. Elliott. Please stay.

And what's up with Clive Davis? Seriously. I just want to beat the crap out of him. (obviously, I am on a violent rage) He screwed everyone over. I'm so disappointed in him. Song choice? Awful. Advice? Not really. Garrrrr.

Plus, I am SO PISSED at Simon. I know I love him sometimes, but how dare he tell Elliott he's not going to make it to the final 2? That's just a spirit downer. It's like kicking a guy when he's already down. I've never been so annoyed with him until now. I just want to grab him and strangle him with his too tiny t-shirts. Garrr.

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Seriously, why now? He's so damn near to the finals. I don't even know if I can go on next week, if he's not there. I so know how Chris fans feel. I feel awful and it's not even the eliminations yet. Yaminions no matter what the opinion. Though cheesey, so freaking true. Go Elliott!!!

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