May 16th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Feeever Pitch!

I watched Fever Pitch this afternoon and I have yet another movie to add to my growing list of cute movies.

I haven't read the book by Nick Hornby nor have I watched the original movie with Colin Firth in it, but I really enjoyed this version. This movie not only has Drew Barrymore but the always adorable Jimmy Fallon.

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I know this is probably really late, but for anyone who hasn't watched the movie; it is a must. I'm not even a fan of baseball and I super enjoyed it. Jimmy + Drew = ♥♥♥

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emma; only girl in the world

Garrr, CRS

Ack. So much for being happy.

CRS came out with the first results and they suck. Sure, they gave me my majors (thank god), but they didn't give me an MST (again!) and an SSP (argh!) and they didnt even bother to give me a PE!!! Gar.

I really hope they give me more next cycle because I dont want to have to line up. I actually have Saturday class! Boo. Tomorrow marks the end of summer class for me though. Although, it feels as if I've been on summer ever since CWTS 2 started.

Summer is so ending. And that sucks.