May 11th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Elliott's Squeeeeevil

This day could not have been any better.

  • CWTS wasn't so bad. It took Anna and I less than an hour to survey 4 people for the last of that Tagalog Romance novel readership thing.
  • I saw Ana today and of course I knew just how to finish her sentences. Maybe the hypnotherapy really works. We must get our hands on the CD too!
  • I found out that Chris got eliminated. Seriously. He took it so well, I almost wanted to give him a hug. Of course, I'm relieved that Elliott (our love ♥) didn't get the boot. But somehow, I felt bad for Chris.
  • Elliott was so damn fine tonight!!! The producers finally give him a solo and he totally pulls it off. Squee!!! So dont you mess around with him. I really hope he makes it to the final two. ♥
  • I ate super yummy roti with chicken curry for lunch and had pistachio icecream for dessert at Anna's house. I swear, just two days in that house and I end up gaining back what I had lost! Seriously, and to think we spend most of our day wasting away on that Flash presentation we're just soooo great at.
  • We finished the presentation! With the after effect of having LCD Soundsystem's Disco Infiltrator and The White Stripes Seven Nation Army stuck in my head. Collapse )

    Happy Birthday admiration__!!!
    I can't believe you're already 18!!!
    Hope you had a fabulous birthday
    See you on Saturday!!!!


    Belated Happy Birthday koi_tattoo!!!
    I hope you had a really fun day!
    I can't wait for your siomai (yum!)
    Keep on Smiling ♥