May 10th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Elvis Night

I'm not the biggest Elvis fan, but a lot of his songs have been remade over and over by really good artists. I have to admit, that the Idols did a pretty good job this week. It's getting very very difficult to choose a bottom three (other than Elliott of course), because everyone's just working so damn hard this week.

Just two more weeks till the finale. Elliott better be in that final two.

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My Bottom Three
1. Katharine (1st song)
2. Katharine (2nd Song)
3. Chris (1st song)

What's sad is that, I'm probably going to have to prepare myself for Elliott's departure. It's just so unfair because he did so damn well this week. I admit last week, wasn't his best, but this week... this week was just super stellar. If only we could vote, I'd doubt he'd be in the bottom three. Seriously. It totally makes me sad.

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I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Elliott's safety this week. The anticipation's making me so nervous. Finally, Dial Idol better be right this week. Because I'm actually counting on them.