May 4th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Clearly Wasting The Summer

I think every single girl in my family has at least a teensy crush on Hugh Jackman and I seriously don't blame them. He's got the looks (oh so hot) and the talent (he sings really well and acts too). In other words, he's just nearing perfection in our collective vision.

Seeing this picture just added the cherry to the icecream. Seriously. Could Hugh get any more adorable? It's not the courtside seats that I'm ogling at (okay, maybe that too), but the way they're interacting. That's just too damn sweet.

What a lucky boy

In other non-celebrity news, which means non-American Idol, non-Holywood crap, which really means just my plain boring life... CWTS 2 has been surprisingly more enjoyable than CWTS 1. Not that I've really enjoyed either. Other than hanging out with the nizzle, double nizzle and rinizzle, it's been kind of bland. Collapse )

In the end, I still wish we didn't have to do any of this, because it's seriously messing with my summer. Clearly Wasting The Summer indeed.