April 26th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Love Song Night

Wow. David Foster si really really hard to please. No wonder he's supposedly "the best" there is out there. He really told the Idols what he thought. And i was really happy about that because they do need to improve. He wasn't going to give it to them easy. He really made sure the Idols did as great as they could.

Funny part is, Andrea Boccelli didn't really do much. He was kind of overshadowed by David Foster. I guess the producer still gets the last say. Andrea looked really nice though. He was more forgiving of their "faults." Their advice is obviously golden, because they've made it big in that arena.

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My Bottom Three
1. Kellie
2. Paris
3. Chris

The thing is, the bottom three weren't BAD. They just weren't as good as the top 3.

But of course, knowing how America votes, I'm definitely not going to see them there. Instead, I'm going to see our wonderful Elliott hold his breath. Damn.

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