April 14th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Rumor Has It

There's something about Mark Ruffalo that really makes me want to watch a movie. I didn't even realize it, but as Pamy and took a look at his film credits, we've certainly watched A LOT of his films -- his "chick flicks" that is.

Nevertheless, I have to say that I really enjoyed watching Rumor Has It. I don't care that it got a C+ rating from Yahoo!Movies, I thought it ranked way higher than that. I am obviously very easy to please. Collapse )

Speaking of other movies, I was in Shangri-La a few days ago and saw the trailer for Just My Luck starring none other than Lindsay Lohan (who is back to her red hair. Of course, the fact that Chris Pine (hottie from Princess diaries 2) is in it, made the movie more enticing to me.

However, after reading a quick synopsis of the movie, suddenly I'm not so sure.

And I think that someone might actually rival Apple Martin's cuteness baby-wise. Apparently, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have spawned an adorable baby. Violet Affleck is pretty damn cute. She surely got the genes right. Then again, with new baby brother, Moses Martin in town, The Martins could still collectively hold the rights to cutest babies in Hollywood -- other than the rights to most unique names.

I really hope that Jake's big sister Maggie and Peter Sarsgaard's genes mix well, because I'm hoping for a cute nephew/niece [delusional moment]. I'm just glad that it's Maggie who's pregnant and not some random girl **cough** Kirsten **cough** with Jake's baby. That would just break my heart.

Speaking of babies, I'm actually more excited for the TomKat's little one to pop out. Tom -- who I thought looked really amazing in his latest GQ appearance, cleared up a bunch of "misconceptions" about his Scientology-thing. I'm more excited about that [TomKat] than the Brangelina baby. Somehow, the only Jolie-Pitt I really appreciate is Maddox.

And finally, apparently even Ewan McGregor (the love of Pamy's life) has also jumped on the adoption bandwagon. He and gorgeous wife, Eve Mavrakis are now the parents to an adopted 4 year old girl from Mongolia. I really think it's great that these celebrities are taking on children from unwanted households. I mean, look at Nicole Richie. Okay, maybe she's not the best example, but Maddox seems to have a great life right now.

Now I'm wondering, how I get on those lists of children that these celebrities pick from for adoption. If anyone knows, sign me up.