April 13th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Damn you DSL!

DSL? Where are you?

I had to do some work, so I'm actually at an internet shop.

This is sad. I'm really really addicted to the net.
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emma; only girl in the world

Queen Night

I may not be the hugest Queen fan in the world, but I really liked their tribute album. That's why I was so excited to hear the final 8 sing their hearts out. So many songs to choose from, I was hoping to hear some of my favorites like, Under Pressure, Somebody to Love and Good Old Fashioned Loverboy.

Seeing Queen right now, I just thought... wow, they're old. It was funny to see the final 8 "rock it out" on stage with them, because most of them aren't very rockstar-ish. Still, it's nice to pretend every once in a while. Let's not overdo things, folks.

Sure, I may not be the song choice queen, but I wasn't too happy with many of the song choices tonight. The fashion of course, is just another whole thing to complain about. But then again, as Paula loves to reiterate to Simon, they should be judged on their singing.

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My Bottom Three
1. Kellie
2. Ace
3. Chris

I would love to see Ace go. Seriously. He's been in that bottom three, far too many times.
Then again, I wouldn't mind see Chris go.

Whoops, did I just write that?