April 10th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

The Beginning of it all

So much for summer...

I had to go to school today to register for summer class. It wasn't so bad. Tita Lilet drove me to UP and I was there quite early. It was a good thing that a bunch of my orgmates/coursemates (Ely, Abby, Micx, Christer and Ynna) were there. Time flew by really quickly because people kept coming over from the other departments and everyone was catching up.

I'm really glad I got both CWTS 1 and CWTS 2 because I didn't want to have to line up and petition for the college to open up a new class. My adviser wasn't there, so I was kind of worried. In the end, I had another professor sign for her instead.

And I thought that was the last of my worries. Apparently, because I am a dependent, I need to have a copy of last semester's grades. An official copy. Wonderful. I, being a slacker, obviously didn't work on this, and I have to say that I really didn't know. Thank goodness for wonderful Pol Sci 14 classmate/CommRes genius Kay who totally helped me out. She, like me, happens to be a UP dependent (having a parent work for the UP system).

As I let Ate Lumeng assess my Form 5, I troop over to Quezon Hall to obtain a HRDO Privelege Form. Then I go over to the Computer Center so I can find out what I got in Eng 1. I have to say, I was freaking disappointed. It's Eng 1 for goodness sakes!?! And it's not like I didn't exert any effort there. Goodness, I was reciting every meeting, I really paid attention, I had really good compositions, and I don't think I BOMBED the exam that bad. Yes, my grammar isn't impeccable, but I deserve a better grade, or I like to think so.

I just want to say that I'm disappointed. I know I worked in that subject.

Anyway, after the initial shock of my Eng 1 grade, I went back to CMC to wait for the college secretary to arrive and sign our grades. I am so glad I have a fellow dependent with me, because despite having enrolled myself last semester, I'm still stupid when it comes to things.

For one thing, I marked out the Old Returning option instead of ticking off Continuing. How stupid indeed. Still, it was a miracle that we got out of CMC before noon and were able to make a mad dash to the OUR where we had to have our Form 5 assessed. At the counter, was the bitchy girl again. I got her last time and she was totally evil to me, because I was clueless. So sorry, I'm no expert in enrolling myself. The girl before me was victimized by this woman. I seriously felt sorry for the girl, because I know how she feels. This time, I came prepared though. Ha! Eat that.

Kay and I got out of there and ran over to AS to pay our dues. It was already noontime and we were afraid that the cashier would have a lunch break. Lucky for us they didn't! The lines snaked all the way to PH 118 though and it was seriously intimidating to be there. I guessed we'd be at the cashier in an hour and I was actually right. The time flew though because I wasn't getting pissed, and instead I was chatting it up with Kay.

I'm just glad I got things done in just a half day. Summer class better not be a bitch because I was hoping for some brainless fun.