March 31st, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Learn to Drive

I woke up fairly early this morning and was able to watch the Korean series, Spring Day. My yaya, Ate Let, who just celebrated her birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Ate Let!), watches this show everyday just before noontime. I never get to catch it because first off, I was in school when it started and now that I'm in summer, I never get to wake up.

So finally, I'm awake and I get to watch the series, and I remember why I was so intrigued with it in the first place. It stars two hot Koreans, whom I've watched in other television shows/movies. It has Jo In-Seong from The Classic and Ji Jin Hee from Love Letter and Jewel in the Palace. Ack! They play brothers who happen to be doctors who are in love with the same girl.

I have to say the girl is NOT deserving. I think they could find someone a lot prettier than her, but she is the lucky ditz who gets to make up her mind. I would probably choose Jin Hee even if he is ten years older than In-Seong, but I find him to be manlier than the other. Nevertheless, it won't matter to me who I end up with, because I would settle for either.

So if ANYONE has VCDs, DVDs or whatevers of this series, please fork it over, because I am dying to watch the entire series -- no interruptions.

My mom and I went to A1 in Ever this afternoon to enroll myself to the 1 year delayed driving lessons.

Apparently, it's Ever's end of the month sale and there were so MANY people. Not just Mega-Mall plenty, but in-your-face plenty. People were literally rubbing up against my ass as I tried to listen to the A1 folk explain to me the difference between the "special" course and the "normal" course. To add to my already growing headache, there was a mini-concert of the Pinoy Pop Superstar runner-up, Michael Anthony Garcia. I don't know how great he is at singing, but I seriously just wanted to yell: SHUT UP!!! I couldn't see the stage thanks to the masses of humanity crammed up against the railings, but I know that someone did a very bad rendition of Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved -- a song that I happen to love. Basically, my not so great mood was aggravated by the wonderfully noisy surroundings.

Anyway, I was supposed to learn to drive last summer, but more exciting things happened and thus the delay. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to learn this summer. Except my summer will probably only last a week, no thanks to required summer class consisting of nothing but CWTS. Gar.

The thing is, I'm going to have to attend a 2 hour orientation on Sunday; plus a half day sojourn to LTO (Land Transportation Office) to get my student permit; then I have to endure 6 hours of mind numbing lecture, because I need to be a responsible driver, while everyone else rages past me (not in their lane, driving through a red light, swerving, and basically everything else they teach us not to do).

Yes, I want to learn how to drive, as it will come in handy one day, I just wish I had extra time to learn it, rather than using my precious summer time on it.

Thanks to my mom though for lifting my mood. It's lent and it's a Friday, thus we must content ourselves with a no-meat menu the entire day. I usually end up fasting because instead of abstaining from meat, I end up not wanting to eat fish.

I've already had my tinapa with fried rice for breakfast and sinigang fish for lunch. For dinner, mom decides to spice things up by giving us a choice of pasta sauce (all meat free, of course). There was pesto sauce, putanesca sauce and my personal favorite, kani salad topping. Whoa.

I love kani salad, and the angel hair pasta went really well with it, so my dinner was definitely satisfying. Yummy.
emma; only girl in the world

March : Teach Me Tonight (Elliott Yamin)

Did you say I've got a lot to learn?
Well, don't think I'm trying not to learn
Since this is the perfect spot to learn
Teach me tonight

Starting with the ABC of it
Right down to the XYZ of it
Help me solve the mystery of it
Teach me tonight

The sky's a blackboard high above you
If a shooting star goes by
I'll use that star to write "I love you"
1000 times across the sky

One thing isn't very clear, my love
Should the teacher stand so near, my love?
Graduation's almost here, my love

Teach me tonight

Right after Elliott performed this on American Idol, I knew I'd get addicted. It's two months straight of Idol yet this song has really stuck on me. Elliott's voice is just amazing and the way he sang the song was just perfect.

Even if it was just a minute short, I have had it on repeat forever since I downloaded it. I know Elliott won't make it that far, but I'm really hoping he reaches all the way till the end because his voice is one of the best. This song = ♥♥♥♥