March 28th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Beginning of Something Wonderful

Hello summer!

Despite the fact that I had already finished my last two exams (Eng1 and STS) yesterday, I still found myself waking up early today to drag myself to UP for my last ever meeting for Pol Sci 14. I have to admit, I was scared as ever going to class today, because Sir Pilapil, the most passionate professor I've met so far, was going to give back our test results.

Why so worried? Because I actually enjoyed this class, and I actually really tried my best. I studied for every class (maybe not every single one) and I actually really listened and enjoyed and actually learned. So when it was time to study for the exam, I gave it my 110% I hadn't been able to pull off all nighters anymore after highschool, but for this subject, I was able to do that.

So getting the results back wasn't going to be easy. This class is taken by a majority of Pol Sci majors and a bunch of Mass Comm folk, and my classmates are brilliant. Maybe not as brilliant as the 11:30 to 1:00 class, as our exam results showed, but genius, nevertheless. These people really get the concepts and can explain Philippine politics through the two approaches so freaking well, they can convince me that either is the better approach. Of course, in my personal opinion, Elite Approach rocks. Don't ask me to explain though. I'll end up making a fool of myself again.

So I raise my hats to Mafie (our topnotcher, represent!), Jaja, Arianne, Kay (belated happy birthday dear!), and Venus!!! You guys did an amazing job. Oh, on a weird note, I'm proud to say I actually know their first names. We usually call each other by our last names in this class. Moving on...

I have to admit I wanted that freaking bookmark that Sir gives to the topnotchers, but my studying skills can only take me so far. After bombing the entire essay part, I knew I was far from receiving a bookmark. Alas! Thank goodness for bonus points though. I guess going to class on time and all the time does pay off. Bonus points are love ♥

Suffice to say, I'm going to miss that class dearly. It's probably the first college class that I really bonded with. Not just with my groupmates either, but the entire class. I'm going to miss making noise and getting scolded for it outside the classroom right before class starts and the anticipation of knowing who'll be the student for the day. Bye bye Pol Sci 14. I can't believe I actually learned.

After attending my last Pol Sci 14 class this noon, I can say that I am finally really on summer break. What to do during this short span of time before summer class?

Well, I started things off with lazing in front of the TV with Pietro, with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of cold icead tea, as we watched Laws of Attraction for the nth time already.

I don't know about anyone else, but no matter how many times I've watched this film, I just don't get sick of it. Maybe it's the fact that Pierce Brosnan is just so freaking hot in this movie. The entire too clumsy but cleans up well divorce lawyer who just happens to have an office in China Town really really works for me. Every time he speaks with that makes-me-want-to-melt-and-rip-his-clothes-off accent, I just die inside.

The lovely thing about the movie is I really love Julianne Moore too! It's not like I don't want the leading girl to end up with the guy cause I want him all for myself, instead I'm wishing that they get together as soon as possible. Sure, I want Pierce to ravish me instead, but they just look too adorable together. Obviously, I love this movie.

Damn. Summer would be perfect if it were like this every day, minus the excruciating heat.