March 21st, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

You Cant Always Get What You want

The worst is over.

My brain has been raped by the Pol Sci 14 final exams.

As if humiliating myself in the creative thinking session wasn't enough. I specifically prayed that I wouldn't get chosen to be a speaker for the class debate because I know for a fact that I loathe public speaking.

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Fast forward to today, with the abuse or brain has gone through, what a fitting way to end my interesting semester of Pol Sci 14. Just two exams left next week and I'm actually going to be on summer. Whee.

bye bye pol sci 14... i might actually miss it
odd team is in black and the even team is in white

BELATED Happy Birthday nikkitaholic!!!
hope you had a fantastic day
i can still feel the oreo cheesecake in my tummy
take care of yourself! ♥