March 5th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world


I found this article on  while doing my EGG work. It's with none other than hotter than hot David Radford. He's the sweetest and cutest crooner ever! Yes, not a spectacular performance, but better than others nevertheless. Not kick-out worthy, that's for sure. My comments on his answers are in italics.

MTV Interview with David Radford

The 17-year-old crooner from Crystal Lake, Illinois, was an early favorite going back to the auditions, but his nerves seemed to get the best of him in the semifinals.
MTV: You disagreed with the judges who said you looked insecure. Why do you think you might have come off that way?
Radford: It's really a nerve-racking time, and I didn't disagree with them when I went back and watched. I did seem a little nervous, so it's something I can work on next time. 
awwwww David, i've seen worse. I thought you gave a great performance. Worthy of staying on the show. I'm really disappointed in all those damn voters that didn't vote!!! Boo to them.

MTV: What'd you think about Simon and Paula last night?
Radford: I have no idea what that was about at all. I was just trying to keep my focus. It was really surprising, but it's a TV show — you don't know what goes on behind the scenes. 
I know what it's about! It's about Paula being hooked on something that got her to be really loopy! And Simon was just taking advantage of it by making her say silly things. You so didn't deserve that.

MTV: Sing-off between you and John Stevens: Who would win?
Radford: I honestly have never heard the guy sing. I'll go check his record out, but until then I can't comment on that. 
You would definitely win over John Stevens. First off, you're much hotter! No need to check it out. Hands down, I'd vote for you.

MTV: What's next?
Radford: Graduate high school, get a prom date and hopefully get a career in music.
Take ME to your prom!!! i'm so willing to be your date! please?

All I've got to say is shame on you for not voting. No more cuteness on Idol this week. Boo!

Back to studying for Soc Sci 2. I still hate my groupworks. Boo again.