February 17th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Bouncing off the Back Seat

Before anything else, go ahead and do this for me. Consider it a belated birthday gift. Everyone's done it, and since I've just touched the computer now, I'm late (again).

But today, I have to put this down before I forget it.

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After that loooooong introduction, I can finally go to the actual reason I am blabbing...

Today, after class, I find myself alone in the street corner, waiting for a TOKI to come. I just want to go home. Before I know it, my professor's car, stops right there and a window rolls down and out comes his un-pretty head. He asks me where I'm off too, and I know I'm supposed to say Mass Comm but I know he's headed towards AS for his next class, so instead I say AS.


Because the fangirl in me knows I have a slight crush on this teacher. It's all about the brain. This guy is soooo extremeley intelligent, I can't help but get turned on by all the knowledge he's consumed. At least I know that in his free time, he doesn't just stare at himself in the mirror (god forbid), and instead, writes papers, watches the Discovery Channel, and reads all those nice informative hard bound books that I wouldn't even touch.

As student-teacher forbidden relationship as this sounds, I have to reiterate that it's SO NOT LIKE THAT. I wasn't alone in the car with him. I was with Jerry, his assistant, who I think is on the gay side and I was trapped in the backseat beside a baby car seat and I have barely any space to move.

Usually, I'm freaked out around older guys or any guy in general, but I felt strangely comfortable in his car. Maybe it's the teddy-bear vibe I get around him. Or the general father-figure sentiment I feel about him. Or maybe because he looks like a decent, non-killer/rapist person.

Of course, I was sort of giddy and I have to admit there was a tinge of kilig running through my veins, but how could I not? If I liked him more than I actually did, I would have died. And I thought he only spoke a lot in class, he apparently speaks a lot -- in general. He wouldn't stop talking. And it wasn't the kind of talk just to fill dead air, but the kind that comes out of a normally talkative person. I should know.

He asked me where I lived (in a non-stalker way, and then went on to tell me how he owned condominums in the area that I lived and the he rented them out. And he goes on to share that though he lives within campus, he only rides around in a car because he's got a crappy schedule (like mine) where all the subjects are pasted so tightly next to each other that he doesn't have time to breathe.

I actually manage to ask him something, in between his gasps for air. So I decide to ask him about the baby. There should be one, since I'm crammed next to the car seat (yes, the one Britney forgot to put her baby in because the paparrazzi was hounding her). Then he launches into an entire monologue of how his baby is the cutest thing on earth and how he's seven months old blah blah blah.

Before I know it, we're already in the CAL parking lot and the ride is over (disappointed). He gets out of the car and I can't get out. The car door won't open. PANIC settles in and I'm already thinking that maybe I was so naive to actually get into the car. He might actually really want to abduct me, torture and then kill me. I try my best to unlock the door, and I just can't work it. Oh no.

Then, my professor opens the door from the outside and laughs at the panic-stricken look on my face. The door is child-locked as to prevent the seven month old Chandra from miraculously reaching out of his car seat and opening the door as they speed through EDSA (uh huh).

So there I am looking all uncomfortable as I walk next to him towards AS (where I am supposedly headed) and he still doesn't stop talking. After showing me a picture of his adorable baby (looks nothing like him), I realize that my professor still doesn't know my name. I don't mind really. The fact that I've just shared an entire car ride with him is probably enough to ingrain me in his mind come grading time.

I'm not expecting an uno (1), but after sharing his life story with me, I would hope that my professor would cut me some slack.

I still can't believe it happened. The little crush I have on him grew a little bit, and my cheeks are still flushed. I just can't believe that it happened. Sure, it's no Atom experience, but it was enough to make my day a little more exciting than its usual blandness.

What a way to start the weekend.