February 7th, 2006

emma; only girl in the world

Patty Appreciation Week

Every year, I count down to my birthday (even if it is in secret), and the build up always gets too much that the actual day of birth doesn't quite justify all the hype. I get so excited that on the day itself, I expect too much to happen, and I know that it's just not going to happen.

This year, I've decided that I won't only spend one day celebrating my birthday. I just don't think that one day is enough to commemorate the day I was born.

So I came up with Patty Appreciation Week. Starting last Sunday, I promised myself I would appreciate myself more than I normally do by doing a little something everyday to make me feel good about the upcoming birthday.

I went DVD shopping with
Pamy instead of going to the cinemas (which was really the original plan). Still, I was very much satisfied with my finds. I bought Proof with the hottie of all hotties, Jake and Havoc with gorgeous Anne. I watched Proof that evening and instantly fell in love with it. Jake was so damn hot in the movie! The entire math geek playing in a rock band and being completely hot was just too much for me.

Despite the wonderful Soc Sci 2 class I had to endure, God loves me and granted me half the day off. My Env Sci teacher wasn't in town so I didn't have to attend class. I went home early instead and fixed my layout instead. My LJ woodycakes makes me really happy so why not devote some time to it on my appreciation week? the layout's pretty much the same, I just changed the header and the colors. I'm still attached to The Boxer, so it's going to stay like this for quite some time. And since I don't have Pol Sci 14 student of the day to dread the next day, I could hang out in front of the computer, guilt-free.

I was supposedly off at 1pm, but because I was to attend my first MCO General Assembly at 4pm, I decided I'd bum at the library. But who the hell was I kidding? I jumped on a jeepney and headed straight over to National Bookstore along Katipunan. I absolutely love ♥ books so I totally didn't mind spending a few hours there. The library is full of books too. But they're just not the books I want to read. Horrible mentality for a student, but it is Patty Appreciation Week, so I deserve to be happy. I was going to buy The Devil Wears Prada because Anne is starring in the movie adaptation of the book, but I controlled myself and reminded myself to save money. Something I haven't been doing recently.

So far, Patty Appreciation Week is turning out great -- so far.