November 29th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

When it rains

There's nothing romantic about walking in the rain.

Unlike a scene from a romantic comedy where the actors splash around happily, or run through the rain, looking marvelous and carefree, my afternoon wasn't as cinematic.

Stepping into puddles. Getting your shoes soaked down to your socks. Experiencing a squishy sensation every time you take a step.

Trying to shield yourself from the rain (even with a BIG ASS umbrella). Failing to anticipate where the wind is going to blow. Getting no reprieve from the drops of water that fall from the trees.

Weaving in and out through people who seem to be strolling through sidewalk (at a snail's pace), obviously oblivious to the heavy rain pouring down.

Dodging the waves of muddy water that cars splash on your body as their dry, RUDE drivers speed by. And at the same time, covering your nose from pollution that they emit. Feeling your shirt stick to your back, as the water trickles down.

There's really nothing romantic about walking in the rain.

Especially if you're walking alone.