November 9th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Extension Please

My shoulders are aching.
My heart is breaking.
School is about to begin.
In just a few hours,
I'll need to muster up my powers,
My sembreak is fin.

No more waking up very late.
No more daydreaming about fantasy dates.
No more watching DVDs all day,
and sleeping when I please.
No more pigging out
No more brothers to tease.
No more lazing around in pajamas
and not giving a shit about how I look
No more reading of non-acadmeic, chic-lit books.
No more solitude at home.
No more wishing I owned a gnome.
No more freedom.
No more fun.
The second semester has begun.

Back to books, and readings and notes.
Back to my crummy sneakers with holes on the toes.
Back to AS in the heat of the sun.
Back to hell weeks and papers that aren't fun.
Back to the uneasy feeling I get all the time.
Back to my lame poems that just have to rhyme.
Back to reality. Break is over.
Wishing I'm as lucky as a four leaf clover.
Back to computing grades in my head.
I have to say goodbye to my bed.

I hate to complain,
but I usually do.
One month is long
But I would like it to be two.
Time was well spent, but somehow I fear
That it wasn't enough to rest my poor ears
I can't believe that glorious month is done.
Damn, I wish I had just a little more fun.