November 7th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Crossing the Finish Line

What a long day.

I dont think I've ever been up as early as 5 am in a long time. Due to my usually lazy schedule, I'm used to waking up at past noon, and suddenly this morning I jumped out of bed and was in UP by 6:30 am. Wow. That was just way too early for me.

Luckily, Ruth was there already. Trust Ruth to be punctual (or rather way too early), at least I had someone to bum around the BC department with. Unfortunately, neither of us knew exactly what we were doing or if we were even in the right place, and it took a while for people to actually arrive, so we were there for quite some time, literally clueless.

It was also a good thing that Karol was the RA for BC. He was so nice to me, helping me out and explaining all the silly registration procedures I should have known, but was in absentia while the rest of my blockmates were learning it.

Finally, at around 8:30 am, our adviser comes around. This is the third adviser I've had and to think I'm only in my first year. It's funny cause we keep changing advisers. Although I'm not complaining because she was really nice to us and she came on time.

Thanks to CRS, I was given 5 out of 6 subjects. That means, I had to manually enlist for one more subject in the MST domain. Apparently, the MST domain is the hardest domain to get a GE subject from. Wonderful. I didn't even bother going to the Math building (for Math 2) because according to everyone it's physically impossible to get in there. Then I tried Bio 1, but only the tri-cal colleges were allowed in. Chem 1 had such a long line, I would never finish. Thus, I end up in Env Sci 1.

The Villadolid Hall, where Env Sci 1 was enlisting in, was so far away from civilization, that there was absolutely no one in the vicinity. Unlike AS, which had people spilling out of all its holes, Villadolid Hall was empty. Yes, I don't get my desired schedule of MTh 1 - 2:30, but at that point. Any schedule would do.

Then, I head back to my dear college to fill out my Form 5, which I shouldn't get any mistakes on. Obviously, I cause some minor mistakes. Before I even get it assessed, the window is already closed and it's time for lunch! It was so hot that time, all I wanted to do was drench myself with water.

Lucky me, my dad was on his way home and he picked me up. I was able to go home for two hours -- kicking back and watching CSI with PB. Then I resumed my registration challenge by waiting forever for my Form 5 to get assessed when I shouldn't have. Huge mix up with the OUR (Office of the University Registrar). I end up going back and forth these two buildings (CMC and the OUR) which just happen to be ten thousand miles apart!

It was a good thing my dad was really patient that afternoon. If not, I would have fainted from the heat. Not that I've ever fainted.

Then comes the fun part. Lining up to pay. I had two choices. Either go to the Engineering building or AS. The lines were so bad, it snaked around the AS lobby and even reached up to PH 120!!! It was already quarter to four and the cashier would close at 4:30. I didn't think I would make it. But with much prayer, and a lot of anticipation, I made it. At 4:35, I was paying at the counter.

When I got my recepit, I really felt like I won a marathon! I was just so happy to have finished it. Yes, this is probably nothing compared to the chaos that shall ensue tomorrow when the freshmen and graduating students are no longer the priority, but for a first timer, like myself, this was more than enough action.

And the real classes haven't even begun.