October 6th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world


Well, it looks like I'm finally on sem break. Wheeeee!

The funny part is, I started it out by going online to pre-enlist. Now that I've survived the first semester, I'm actually scared for the second. I got a pretty good schedule considering I actually get any of those things I signed up for. I'm really hoping I get my PE with the teacher I signed up for, because if I end up getting another teacher (specifically the teacher that either gives you a 3 or a 5) then I will be dead meat.

It's funny how I'm supposed to be really happy that the semester is over and I am, but somehow I can't help but already worry about the next semester. I'm a normally anxious nervous person, so I shouldn't be surprised. But somehow, I just want to chill.

That is why today, I have done nothing but watch CSI season 5 on DVD. And I love this show. I appreciate the other CSI versions, but only Las Vegas can do it for me. After watching 23 episodes of crime solving, high tech, intelligent lab specialists, I realized that the entire cast was hot!

I had already liked Nick Stokes since forever, but suddenly everyone including Capt. Jim Brass and Gil Grissom were such hotties. Of course their intelligence was a huge part of this, but I absolutely love them all.

There was this episode where Catherine Willows and Warick Brown (hot stuff) were in the sewers and when Catherine slid down he caught her with his really really nice arms, I almost died. I know CSI doesn't have the most romance in it, but whenever there is at least a glimpse of it, I die.

Sara Sidle is so lucky! Not only is she also a hottie, but she's got two guys. I know that only the Grissom angle is shown in the show, but after exhausting myself with 23 episodes, I think Greg Sanders (my ♥) has the hots for her. I know that it's probably not true, but whenever they're together, I just wish something would happen.

And Greg the hugest transformation the world!!! From hot geek to just plain hot. Sure, still geeky at times, but I don't mind. He's even wearing suits now. I almost died when he went to court. He didn't have any blonde highlights on and he had plain brown hair, but it was just so wow!

The fact that I was able to ramble like this on how hot these characters were just shows that sembreak is indeed kicking in. More CSI for me.
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