October 3rd, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Apologies to my Feet

I'm a total low maintainance person. I'm always in sneakers and socks, probably the most low key clothes ever.

Today, I decided to wear my cute new slip ins. They're white with little black dots all over them. Adorable and canvas, they looked really harmless. Besides, I'd only be in school to submit a paper for Kas 1 so I thought I could handle walking in them.

After getting to the main road to catch a ride to school, I suddenly realize that I can't do this. My feet are experiencing excruciating pain. I can feel a blister on my toe, and the back of my ankle is already swollen.

I should have turned around walked back home, but silly me thought I could handle it. So I end up going all the way to school and at the same time, barely being able to walk properly. Of course, the miser in me still refused to catch a jeep going out of school, and I walk it instead. By the time I reach home, both my feet are abused beyond belief -- wounds and blisters, you name it.

I had a huge basin of warm water prepared for my battered feet and though it helped soothe them a bit, I have learned my lesson. No more trying to look nicer than I usually do. I'm going back to my beloved sneakers and promising not to abuse my feet anymore. They're already tired from the walking, I don't want to inflict any further pain on them.

I hope my feet heal soon. I feel awful just looking at them.