October 2nd, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Just One More

All that's standing between me and my semestral break is one final exam.

Soc Sci 1 Finals

This is of course assuming that all that hard work I did for Kas 1 would merit me an exemption from the finals, but see when you assume, you make an ASS of U and ME.

Nevertheless, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I do get exempted and that my Soc Sci 1 test on Wednesday doesn't turn out as bad as the last one. Yes, I passed the last test, but I literally just passed and I need something better than that to get through this subject.

I got my Eng 10 paper back. And I'm happy with the results (understatement of the year). I'm just glad that my hard work paid off. Yes, I complained a lot along the way, but that's just me. I need to complain and whine my ass off before I get anything done. That's just the way I am. Still, I want to thank everyone who helped me one way or another in making my paper a reality. ♥♥♥ to you all!!!

I plan on devoting an entire entry to the people who made my paper work and I might even include the damn paper. Although I doubt anyone would want to read it. Even I don't want to. Who knows.

My countdown clock is ticking slowly and just thinking of Wednesday at 11:14 am makes me really happy.
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