September 29th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

MTH Over

More Tools of Evil
  • Soc Sci 1 Long Test
  • Soc Sci 1 Report
  • Soc Sci 1 maps of the continents
  • Soc Sci 1 Finals
  • Kas 1 Take Home Exam
  • Kas 1 Group Paper
    Apparently, no one in class knew that this one even existed, so now the entire class is cramming the damn thing. ARGH!
  • Pan Pil 17 Report
  • Pan Pil 17 Final Group Paper
  • Pan Pil 17 incentive papers
  • Eng 10 Final Paper
Everytime something on this list gets crossed out, a new one gets added. I sincerely hope that the Kas 1 group paper is the last addition to this list because I honestly just want to enjoy my sembreak.

Today was my LAST MTH schedule for this semester. No more Eng 10. No more Soc Sci 1. No more Kas 1. Yes there are still requirements to submit, but other than that, I'm pretty glad I'm not going to attend those classes. I'm going to miss my friends in those classes.

Eng 10 had Raisa, Eula and Lori and I really liked talking to them during class. Although the start of the class was so tedious with all those exercises on statements and assumptions etc, the paper writing proved the subject needed me to work my brain cells on over time and that it was no joke the shit I was going to be submitting there.

Soc Sci 1 had Sigma, Joy, Joydie, Trixie and Jachel and goofing around with them before class was such a blast. Of course the fact that our teacher had a fixation for large mammary glands (not in a pervy way though) and couldn't help but butt in everytime the reporters were talking, assured us a fun class. His tests were awful hard, but I know that I learned even just a little in that class.

Kas 1 had my wonderful groupmates Iris, Rori, Glaiza, Iann, Emman, Berto, and Efren. This group was really great to work with and they were cooperative. Plus they put up with my annoying ways and pesky reminders to submit stuff so they rank high in my book. I loved Kas 1. I didn't like making papers all too much, but I liked listening to our professor lecture. She knew her stuff and I've never understood Philippine History so much than when she tells it to us.

Hopefully, my class cards won't be such a disappointment when I see them. The work is almost done, and all I can do is wait.