August 24th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Just Got Paid

I checked my mail this morning and dropped dead when I saw what appeared on my screen.

I have a paid account!!! This is the highlight of my entire LJ lifespan. Obviously, my money is in the form of pesos so it would be difficult to actually purchase one. Besides the fact that everything is multiplied by P56.00, I don't have a credit card which is essential.

Still, I didn't give up. Thanks to twentydollars, my wish was granted. For the next two months, I will be relishing the perks of a paid account. I've been pining and lusting after this, and now that I have it, I just can't stop smiling.

I can't believe I won the paid account! I don't ever win things. I'm always joining raffles and all these contests, but I don't get to win anything. What a perfect start to (hopefully) my winning streak! Maybe I should try out those "win an IPod" contests. Most of them are actually scams, I checked them out already, but who knows, I might strike gold (or a 40G IPod)?

Tomorrow, I'm going to go to school for an hour and half and that's about it. No English 10. No Kas 1. Whoopeedoo! I'm hoping our Soc Sci 1 prof doesn't show up, so that I can have an entire day free (again). But before I go to school, I'll make sure I wake up early enough to catch the kickout show of Rock Star: INXS. MiG, Marty and Suzie were really good, and I thought Ty was amazing too. As long as they don't get kicked out, I'll be fine.

It's Thursday tomorrow... Friday's just around the corner. Thank god