August 22nd, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

One of those days

If I were in those disaster flicks (War of the Worlds, Day After Tomorrow etc), I would probably be the first to die.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to the sounds of Ate Let and Ate Bing talking in hurried, anxious voices. I can hear conversations in my sleep. I just can't hear explosions happening in the next street.

Apparently, the sewer was on fire, and it was coming out of a man hole. I look out the window and there's thick black smoke coming from the next street and my house was deadly near it. Of course, I was sleepy, and tired, that I actually managed to fall asleep even after finding out about it.

At the back of my head, I was terrified. Fires spread really quickly if not taken care of, and with my parents gone, I don't think they would appreciate returning from a vacation to a house in ashes. So, I wake myself up and thank god that the fire has been put out.

The mess isn't over though. Apparently, the gas that had been leaked into the sewer system was flowing underneath us, and because of the extreme heat, the manholes that were covered with massive amounts of cement, blew up. People were injured and the firemen (who I applaud for responding really quickly) were trying to fix things.

Three manholes had already exploded (and I mean EXPLOSIONS with chunks of cement flying in the air). I was deathly afraid already, because the manholes were next to our house. And I didn't know if we were next. Luckily, they were able to contain the fire and were already treating the water system. Still, a lot of houses in the lower areas were damaged.

If I were Orlando Bloom in Black Hawk Down (who dies in the beginning), Pamy wouldn't even make it to the movie. She was asleep the entire time! I'm serious. She didn't wake up with the fire. She was snoozing throughout the entire ordeal. It wasn't until I tried scaring her with the news of the explosions and how near it was our house that she actually woke up. Tita Lilet came over and calmed everyone down. But no one was calmer than Pio. He was awake before the fire even began and he was the one who calmly woke up everyone.

I have to say, it felt weird walking to mass that morning. Our house is so near the church, but I was worried that the man holes would just blow up when I walked by.

The news that evening was pretty interesting. Our house was shown for a split second. But it's funny because we watched the news on Channel 2 and ANC were practically the same (one was in Filipino, the other in English). But the funny part was, they interviewed this supposed homeowner. The guy doesn't look familiar, but I doubt they'd fake that. The funny part was that he had two different names. He was Roger Urbanes on ANC, and the he became Juan Boncao (or something like that). He was two different people! It made me laugh, but it also made me question the validity of reports on the news now.

It was probably an honest mistake, but it made me think. More importantly, it made me laugh. And I really needed to laugh.

August 21 was also the death anniversary of one of my lolos. Papa Ben died years ago, and I was never able to spend time with him. August 21 a few years back, my parents' got car-napped in a gas station. August 21 isn't a very lucky day for our family. Hopefully next year, it'll be better.
emma; only girl in the world

Feels Just Like It Should

What a difference.

I woke up early today, despite sleeping early (in the morning) and I was even able to dry my hair properly and watch Saturday Night Live replay with Topher Grace and Oprah with a home makeover by the oh so hot Nate.

I didn't want to be late for my Soc Sci 1 test (which I was dreading), so I was walking at high speed. Luckily, Dominique -- neighbor/PanPil 17 classmate sees me and offers me a ride to school! How wonderful! I was so happy. I didn't have to commute and my hair wasn't going to get messed up -- like it always is. I arrived at AS with so much time to spare and to think I left the house later than usual.

As I step out of the car, great thing number 2 happens, Atom walks right in front of me. Right there. I could have pretended to bump him and a rainbow of papers (math handouts) would fly in the air, and he would get all flustered and bend down to help me pick it all up and I'd act all coy and tell him I didn't need help. Then he'd apologize profusely for his absent-mindedness. As he looked up to the girl he had caused so much hassle to, he will realize that he cannot just let me walk away like that. He would offer me lunch and I, of course, would decline with an excuse that I must rush to take my horrid Soc Sci 1 test. He insists and tells me he'll wait outside my class...

Then I wake up and realize that I am in the middle of the AS steps and Atom has already passed by. It was nice to type all that up though.

The Soc Sci test wasn't very good, but the fact that Kas 1 was cancelled again, made things a lot better. Of course, the search for the extremely long and nationalistic book I have to read wasn't much fun, but hanging out in the airconditioned CMC library -- where the book actually existed -- made things better.

Of course, discussing the Math 1 report tomorrow with uber-responsible partner, Rina was such a blast. She's so into the report, I can't help but become enthusiastic about it too. Wonderful partner, I have.

Now, I'm back to reality. The day wasn't so bad after all.