August 13th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

The Worst is Over

Tools of Evil
  • Kas 1 Midterms
  • Pan Pil 17 Midterms
  • Eng 10 Play
  • Kas 1 Group Discussion Part 1
  • Math 1 Midterms
  • Kas 1 Group Discussion Part 2
One more thing, and my days of terror are over. Actually, not really. PE midterms (which I'm actually worried for) and Soc Sci 1 midterms are also coming up, but somehow, I'm not yet scared. I should start studying though, so I'm not too jittery when it does creep up on me.

We had another cotillion practice tonight and we still weren't complete. Still, that chocolate cake and lomi combination was enough to entice me. And thanks to Klar (who was glowing), I had a ride to Malabon.

I'm just glad that I still have tomorrow to prepare for my report on Monday. My wonderful groupmates in Kas 1 were so good at reporting last Thursday, that I really don't want to let them down. I have to practice my stuff and make sure I do all my nagging some justice.

I finally watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this morning and it was a really visually enticing movie. I was craving for chocolates afterwards. I wish I could enter that factory and eat. So now, I will sleep, because that's something I haven't done this week. and I'm needing it badly.