August 6th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Dancing the Mazurka a Lot Faster this Time

Thanks to Iza I have one more stab at dancing in a cotillion. Except this time, the practices are all the way in Malabon. I have no problem commuting (I actually finally tried it at night -- a bit scarier, but doable), I just hope I don't mess up.

Our steps are kind of fast and I'm not really catching on, but it's okay. It's just begun anyway. We weren't complete a while ago, and yet the covered courts next to Iza's house was jampacked with people. Almost all of Iza's relatives were there and practically everyone's performing at her debut.

I'm excited for how things turn out, but I'm also kind of scared, because there are so many practices and I'm not sure if I can handle that and my college crap. I guess it's time to do that thing they call "time management" (which I'm not very good at). Still all of it is all right because Iza = ♥♥♥

So now, I made it in just in time for my dad's birthday party. I can't wait to sample those steaks.
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