July 24th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Holy Clones!

I was in Eastwood last night because Pamy had gotten me and my dad to go with her to watch The Island (more on this later). We were hanging out at the bookstore, when I saw the British GQ for the month of August.Collapse )
If I didn't read the name, I wouldn't have guessed it was her. Not that she removed her clothes (well, she did), but I guess I was just a little shocked to see her like this. She's usually her "good" covered self, and now... well, she's taken it off. I guess she was really desperate for an image change. The only thing I comfort myself with is that she didn't look too dirty in it. It was (as cliche as this sounds) tastefully done.

Anyway, I finally watched The Island and it only reaffirms what Pamy thinks. Ewan McGregor is so hot!!! I must say my sister has impecable taste. She's liked Ewan since we were kids (well, I was a kid), and it's nice to know he still looks really good. Of course, considering I've watched Ewan in all sorts of movies, from being a Jedi Knight in Star Wars to a struggling writer-singer in Moulin Rouge to a sexaholic, always nude boat person in Young Adam, I have to say, he was really cute here. Not that he wasn't in those other movies, but I guess I liked his character in this movie. Playing cloned product Lincoln 6 Echo and at the same time his "real self," Tom Lincoln, Ewan really pulled it off well. He even had a scene where he had a American and Scottish accent for both characters respectively. It was raelly funny to watch it.

The movie's setting was really nice. It had these art-deco, Zen-feel surroundings. The industrial steel on white decor was a bit cold, but it was just so nice to look at. And there were certainly a lot of product placements. From Puma to Calvin Klein, to Reebok, to MSN -- there were brands everywhere on this film. Yes, the plot wasn't as airtight as it could have been, but I loved the sets. I want to live there. Their "community" was so clean. All white and mall-looking, it looked like a really swell place. Of course, minus the evil doctors and the separation the boys and the girls. Without giving away too much, if Dr. Merrick played by (Boramir from Lord of the Rings), actor Sean Been, weren't doing what he was doing, I'd want to live in that facility.

Of course, Scarlett Johansson is the luckiest girl in the world (as Pamy likes to think). I wouldn't mind of course, being in Jordan 2 Delta's shoes, because Scarlett was always with Ewan. All in all, the movie was entertaining to us girls, for the obvious Ewan reasons, and for our dad, thanks to Michael Bay's uber elaborate and long car chase scenes. There are a dozen explosions in this movie. Sure, it won't ever win an Oscar, but I have to say that it was an entertaining enough movie. I really suggest everyone watch it before Willy Wonka comes out.

Thanks to the "long" weekend, I finally got to go to Rockwell after a really long time. I haven't been there in ages that I didn't even know that Fully Booked (one of the two stores I actually bother to enter) had already moved to the place where Dish used to be! The place was definitely bigger and there were so many more books, but it was like a maze in there. The shelves are everywhere, and though confusing at first, you get a hang of it after a while. I'm definitely going back when all the books are fixed already, because I could spend a day in there.

I also felt strangely claustrophobic in Power Plant. There were so many people it was unbelievable. It felt like Mega Mall, minus the insanely plenty stores. Still, Rockwell is becoming so crowded. At least Fully Booked still had a manageable amount of people.

If there's one thing I like about GMA though, it's that we've got a lot of those non-working holidays. Looks like it's one more day of "rest" (which really means I have one more day to procrastinate) for me.