July 14th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

TV Time on a Thursday

Tuesday night, we caught the pilot episode of Rockstar: INXS. Now, we all know I'm not the biggest rock fan in the family, but it had this American Idol-esque feel to it, minus the evil judges so I guess it caught our fancy. Also, it's right before Desperate Housewives, so it's not like we're being forced to watch it.

Anyway, it was certainly an entertaining show. Pamy and I were obviously enjoying it. Pietro was rolling his eyes half the time, but all in all, it was entertaining. The funny part was that despite the fact that these contestants are supposed to be "rockers" most of them are really packaged as popstars. Not that I have anything against either. It's just funny how both of them seem to be opposed to each other when it comes to their music, and yet they all look alike anyway.

Anyway, I have to say that I'm quite jealous of the life they're currently leading. Sure, I don't really know who INXS is, except for the fact that I think I saw a CD of theirs before, but these contestants are living the life of luxury. First off, they live in a Hollywood Hills MANSION!!! I've always had this dream of living in one. Sure, I'm not too fond of the decoration (very goth-ish, deep medieval thing), but it looks really kick ass.

Finally, the show ended, and this girl (whose name I can't remember) gets kicked out. Boo-hoo. She was my least favorite. I wasn't a big fan of her rendition of Knocking on Heaven's Door, nor do I like Avirl Lavigne's version of it. I guess people should just leave that song to the original singers -- whom I also don't know. I told you I wasn't a big rock fan. Still, twelve more weeks of this should be fun. I can't imagine any of them singing with INXS, but hey, there's still time to like them. Once again, the Father of Reality TV, Mark Burnett has created another hit. Sure, they didn't get the top spot in the ratings thanks to Hell's Kitchen (something Pamy and I really wanted to watch in while in the US) another new reality show based on this crazy ass chef who's apparently really talented and is looking for an apprentice chef of sorts. Still, it's all good.

Thanks to our summer in the states, we got to watch all of the season finales of practically every major show in the states. This is a good thing for me, because I don't like anticipating things. I like to know what I'm up against. Thus, I thoroughly enjoyed wathcing Desperate Housewives last night. Of course seeing James Denton throughout the episode wasn't so bad at all.

And in other news, this Canadian Super Store accidentally sold 14 copies of Harry Potter Book 6. Thanks to their oh so efficient justice system, a court order was made, and they were asked to return the books. They weren't allowed to speak about it, or read it (as if) and it would be returned to them on Saturday when it gets released world wide.

All I can say is say is bullshit. As if they "accidentally" sold it. Some clerk made a lot of money out of those 14 copies. Damn, I wish I were Canadian.

Being the TV freak that I am, I saw the TRL "premiere" of Cool by my idol, Gwen Stefani, and I have to say that the video was so freaking awesome!!! If only I was able to go to TRL last summer, I would have been yelling my heart off and greeting all my friends back in Manila! The video was really nice, and it had this entire Monaco holiday feel to it. Really nice.

Of course, I have to say it: Let's go UP!!!