June 27th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

I want to be Mrs. Bruce Wayne!!!

Last night, my family trooped to Eastwood to catch the late screening of Batman Begins. I know I'm probably the last one to watch it, but I have to give my say. I thought it was the best one to date. Yeah, I've watched all of them (damn I'm old), and I guess I'm really partial to this one.

Of course, the fact that Christian Bale was the hottest for me, doesn't hurt. The story was really nice and for non-comic book readers, I was able to understand the Dark Knight's beginnings. I loved the movie, save for Batman's voice when he was in Batman mode. I thought it sounded too funny.

What's funny is, somewhere in the beginning of the movie, Paola asks me really innocently, "So, when is Tom Cruise going to come out?"

That really made me laugh. The TomKat loveteam had been hyped up so much, my little sister actually thought he was part of the movie. I don't really blame her. However, I thought twice about the amount of news the newly engaged couple was getting when my dad tells me after the movie, "That was Katie Holmes right?"

See! No matter how much publicity you get, you won't penetrate everyone. Such a shame, my dad still didn't figure it out till the credits rolled.

Nevertheless, I thought the movie was great. Gary Oldman as Sgt. Gordon was fabulous and I though Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman did really nice bits. They were practically the comic relief of the movie. I really pity Ken Watanabe, because his bit was really so little. What an epal indeed.

Well, now that I've watched that, I can look forward to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter 4 -- both trailers I saw and loved!!! I can't wait.
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