June 14th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

The Best Kind of Boy

I've been pretty much crush-less for some time now and I have to say that I find it liberating. Sure, I find guys hot and cute and good looking, but it has been a while since I liked someone. And I'm certainly not complaining. I love the carefree feeling of not pining for someone or always wishing they'd reciprocate, and I fully plan on enjoying.

Also, I guess my standards are up a notch. I've been loving myself too much that I just haven't found anyone worthwhile. College has thrown guys in my face. I turn to the left and to the right, and if you look carefully, there is actually a wide variety of choices, but I guess I'm just not looking.

What I have been doing a lot of now, is reading. After realizing how much cheaper the books I wanted were here than in the states, I went on a book rampage. It of course helps when a uber generous auntie gives you loads of gift certificates to your favorite bookstore. So instead of reading the assigned things for school, here I am, reading "young adult" books that are seriously far more entertaining and enriching than other prescribed readings.

I've long before professed my love for Michael Moscovtiz and Marc Darcy, but due to more "extensive" reading (meaning more of my kind of books), I've developed more fictional fantasies, like Marcus Flutie and Luke Brandon.

In fact, I could go on now just listing all their redeeming qualities and all the things I love about them, but this entry would be far too long for that. That's why I've decided to yet again conjure a list of all of my paperback boys. The best thing about them is, they leave so much for my imagination that it's so much easier to manipulate them to how I want them to be.

Now if only real boys were like this too.