May 25th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Still the One

It really stinks that Bo didn't win. I really thought he would considering the theory we came up with that in order to be politically correct, they'd have to get a Caucasian-male to win this year. See, they've already had a Caucasian-female: Kelly Clarkson, an African-American-male: Reuben Studdard, an African-American-female: Fantasia Barino...

Therefore this year, they must have had a Caucasian male in the form of Bo Bice. But I guess they aren't really going to live up to that. Which is really sad, because though Carrie is a really talented person, I just thought it would have been so cliche that she won. Everyone knew from the start. Why did people have to vote?

Oh well, I hope that Bo pulls a Clay Aiken and becomes way more popular than Carrie. I'm just mean.

I got home today at 9pm thinking that the winner would have already been announced. Tita Ruby and I went around almost all the stores you could think of in Michigan. We searched high and low, and when I got home, I was just expecting Pamy to tell me that Carrie had already won. But no.

They had a two hour special that I thought dragged on too much. Finally, in the last five minutes came on and there's Ryan "revealing" the winner (whom we all knew already).

Tough luck. There's next year, I hope that Mario comes back though. Then he'll surely win the contest.