May 24th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world


Today, I took courage and just went with it.

For the longest time, I've been complaining how my ears were pierced wrong. They were placed too near my face and it really annoyed me. Everytime I'd wear earrings, they either couldn't be seen, or if they were dangling, would slap against my cheek. Not fun.

So, I asked my parents if I could have them re-pierced, just so that they would look better. It was really annoying to wear earrings and not see them. Still, knowing myself, I put it off and put it off till finally, I forgot about it.

But, when we went to Chicago this weekend, I saw that Claire's had a "free" ear piercing. Of course nothing is free, but it reminded me of how I wanted my ears re-pierced. I told my aunt about it, and today, we went to a mall an hour away (and for Michigan that's pretty far) and looked for the store.

I asked the girl in the store about it, and she gave me the details. When I heard the price, I immediately had a convenient excuse for not going through with it. Having my ears pierced meant I had to buy earrings. I was willing to pay a few dollars for it, but apparently, I had to buy REAL earrings. It was so convenient for me, not wanting to spend, that I just wouldn't go through with it.

Of course, my crazy aunt just tells me she'll cover it, and how can I say no to that? It's a free thing! Though i was scared (i'm a sissy, really), I picked the cheapest real stud (i wasn't about to abuse it) and sat down holding the chair tightly. I felt two really hard pinches and bam, my ears are now re-pierced.


It isn't really obvious the change, with the pictures, but when I look in the mirror, it doesn't matter how small the studs I'm wearing, because I can see them. Yippee!

I have to keep these real studs on though for six entire weeks!!! And I have to clean my ears three times a day! Which reminds me, I better clean it before I sleep. Don't want to damage my ears just when I had it pierced.