May 14th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Bleed Pamy Bleed

While going through the flea market right smack in front of the American Museum of Natural History, Pamy had one of her more blood gushing nose bleeds than she's had for quite some time. Unfortunately, I was nowhere in sight and Tita Annie wasn't either. So she retreats to a corner and goes with the usual procedures.

Luckily, the sweet stall owners gave her some tissue and bottled water. So to these generous people, I just want to say thanks for helping my sister. I hope you get rich and happy. And to all the other stall owners at that extremely expensive flea (yeah right) market, I suggest you all lower your prices if you want to survive. It's called a flea market for a reason.

We went to the Lincoln Center too and it just weirded me out because every year when I watch the MTV Video Music Awards, I see all the celebrities walk the same path I was standing on that day. It's either there or at Radio City Music Hall which I've been to too. So weird.

outside the Opera HouseMy Julliard audition picture
outside the Opera House
My Julliard audition picture

We then ate our merienda at the famed Cafe Lalo where they shot some scenes from the movie, You've Got Mail and aside from the celebrity status it has, I have to say they're popular for another reason: they're desserts are fabulous. (whew, run on sentence!) I ordered the Chocolate covered Oreo Cheesecake and though it was way heavy, it was also divine.

savoring the bites at Cafe lalocool loo
savoring the bites at Cafe lalo
cool loo
Pamy at the 14 Street StopPamy outside Cafe Lalo
Pamy at the 14 Street Stop
Pamy outside Cafe Lalo

But the most entertaining and scary thing that happened all day was the shoplifting incident at Terranova. The SoHo branch had a huge sale and things were so cheap, even I was going to buy something. We were about to leave when we saw two girl struggling with security. Before we knew it, the metal doors were going down and security was holding the girls down. The girls wouldn't stop fighting back, and even kicked manequins to the ground. It was just chaos.

Obviously, we were going nowhere, so we tried on more clothes. It was weird because they didn't look like they needed to steal anything. Everything was really cheap. We got back up and there was a police officer. Whoops, looks like someone got arrested. Not exactly the happiest news, but it was just like I was in a television show, except it was really happening.

Only in New York.